Fresh and organic vegetables at farmers market
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Fresh and organic vegetables at farmers market
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May 2023 Newsletter

A round-up of the latest from the food, climate and philanthropy ecosystems.

Dear Colleagues,

So many of you are on the conference circuit this month between the AIM for Climate Summit, ReFED Summit, and Vegan Women’s Summit, so I’ll keep it short since I’m sure you’ll be tapped from all the amazing discussions you’re having! Here are the LFV features you may have missed this past month:

  • I got to share my thoughts with Bloomberg about the business opportunity of upcycling alongside long-time friends and clients, Matriark Foods.
  • My friend Theresa Lieb at Greenbiz and I discussed the opportunity of food rescue and food waste reduction as a new source of climate mitigation in the carbon market.
  • If you haven’t heard, ReFED updated their Insights Engine which provides updated numbers about the scope and scale of the problem and new solutions. Read our takeaways from their webinar in our latest blog. Having been part of the original ReFED team, I could have never imagined how sophisticated the data visualization and solutions could become. Access to good, clean data was the number one challenge faced in developing the original ReFED Roadmap. We’ve got a long way to go on food waste data tracking but this milestone is huge.

In the meantime, join me next Tuesday, May 23 at 7:30 EDT, where I’ll speak on the virtual panel entitled, Planetary Health on the Menu: Food and Climate Careers. This event is hosted by the Planetary Health Collective. We will be discussing how we use food and nutrition as our vehicle for impact.

Did you go to any conferences this month? What’d you hear that’s exciting you? Can’t wait to hear what’s getting your wheels churning!


1:1 Advising with Eva

In addition to client work and larger projects, I am now offering a dedicated mentorship & job support package as well as hourly consulting.

The mentorship & job support package is a dedicated 3-month sprint engagement working directly with me to brainstorm and strategize on the next career move within the food, climate and/or philanthropy space.

The hourly consulting is recommended for those who have specific questions and/or current project or business needs.

For more information or to book, please visit our Professional Development & Career Guidance page.

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What I’m Reading

Oppy and Food Forward team up to cut down on food wasteThe Packer
Food Forward and Oppy have joined forces to tackle food waste and food insecurity by redirecting surplus fresh produce to underserved communities, with Food Forward having already diverted over 300 million pounds of produce from landfills since its establishment in 2009.

As grocers spotlight sustainability, financial analysts don’t see the connection with the bottom lineGrocery Dive
Financial analysts are finding it difficult to link grocers’ sustainability initiatives with their financial performance due to a lack of standardized reporting measures, resulting in limited investor interest in using environmental programs as a measure of a company’s success.

New Data Shows US Food Waste Is Getting WorseBloomberg
The United States is facing an escalating food waste problem, with annual food waste increasing and becoming a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and environmental damage. Using ReFED’s new estimates, author Deena Shanker highlights the urgent need for action and how to address food waste in your sector.

Report outlines steps that retailers can take to reduce food wasteThe Packer
A new report provides recommendations for retailers to reduce food waste, including implementing data analytics, collaborating with suppliers, and improving inventory management, emphasizing the importance of sustainability efforts in the retail industry. By adopting these steps, retailers can not only minimize food waste but also improve their environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable food system.

Slideshow: Eco-conscious innovation is trendingFood Business News
Eco-conscious innovation and sustainable shopping habits are trending in the food industry. These are various sustainable practices and products that companies are implementing to meet consumer demand for more environmentally friendly options.

Impact Report 2022Spoiler Alert
This impact report provides an overview of Spoiler Alert’s activities in 2022, highlighting their efforts to reduce food waste through technology solutions and collaborations with food businesses, resulting in significant environmental and social impact. It particularly showcases their achievements in diverting surplus food, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and supporting communities in need.

Fresh Trends offers insight into consumers’ fresh produce buying habitsThe Packer
Fresh Trends consumer survey reveals important insights into consumer behavior and preferences when it comes to purchasing fresh produce. The data provides valuable information for retailers and industry professionals to better understand and cater to consumer demands in the fresh produce market.

US generated 91m tons of surplus food in 2021, representing 6% of all GHG emissions. Just 2% was donated.AgFunderNews
This report reveals that in 2021, the United States produced 91 million tons of surplus food, accounting for 6% of all greenhouse gas emissions, but only 2% of the surplus was donated. The findings highlight the significant food waste problem and the need for increased donation efforts to reduce environmental impact.

Food Lab Talk PodcastMichiel Bakker
Podcast by Google’s Michiel Bakker to meet the leaders who have dared to step up and take action to create a better food future for us all, including Dana Gunders, Amy Keister, and A-dae Romero-Briones.

Food Waste: The Past, Present, and Future of A Major PolluterIntelligent Living
CEO and co-founder of CoreZero, Jean Pierre Azañedo, shares his insights on the issue of food waste, discussing its past, present, and future impact as a major polluter, ending with a hopeful perspective for the food waste issue.

Food Waste: Investment in Upcycled Food Gaining SteamThe Food Institute
Increasing investment and interest in the upcycled food industry is one way to address food waste. This piece highlights the growth of upcycled food companies and the potential benefits they offer in terms of sustainability, innovation, and reducing waste in the food system.

Will carbon markets throw food rescue groups a lifeline?GreenBiz
This article (where our very own Eva Goulbourne is quoted) discusses how carbon markets could have a potential impact on food rescue groups, harping on how these markets can provide financial incentives for organizations that divert food waste. Challenges and opportunities of integrating food rescue efforts into carbon markets are highlighted, while also emphasizing the need for effective measurement and verification systems to ensure the success and fairness of such initiatives.

Is your food really going bad? California bill would ban ‘sell by’ labelsSan Francisco Chronicle
A proposed California bill takes aim at “sell-by” dates and other arguably misleading food labels that confuse consumers and cause mass amount of edible food to be thrown out. This bill would require manufacturers to use the same phrases for expiration labels: “best if used by” to indicate peak freshness or quality, and “use by” to indicate food safety.

Upcycled bread debuts from Kroger’s private label brandFood Business News
Kroger’s private-label brand recently launched upcycled bread, marking a move toward reducing food waste and utilizing surplus ingredients. The upcycled bread is made from excess grains generated during the beer brewing process and aims to provide a sustainable solution while meeting consumer demand for eco-friendly products.


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