Asian female food bank volunteer received donation food at a drive through food bank.
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Asian female food bank volunteer received donation food at a drive through food bank.

Littlefoot Ventures works as a partner with clients in their journey towards a sustainable future. Our comprehensive services cover every aspect of sustainability that can be tailored to specific needs.

Brands, Manufacturers & Ingredient Suppliers

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Unlocking Sustainable Growth for Food Manufacturers

CPG companies and food manufacturers face a dual challenge: delivering exceptional products to customers while minimizing their environmental footprint. Littlefoot Ventures offers a suite of services designed to help you excel in both areas.

  • Food Waste Reduction Strategies: We’ll guide you in reducing waste in your production processes, saving resources and the environment.
  • Sustainability Assessments and Goal-Setting: Partner with us to set ambitious sustainability goals and track your progress.
  • Circular Economy Solutions: Explore innovative ways to reduce waste and embrace circular principles.
  • Supply Chain Optimization: Enhance your supply chain to reduce emissions and improve efficiency.
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Partnerships: Collaborate with industry leaders to drive change and win customer loyalty.
  • Thought Leadership and Research: Stay ahead in the sustainability game with our insightful research and expertise.
  • Coalition Building & Stakeholder Engagement: We’ll bring the right stakeholders to the table, fostering collaboration in a competitive landscape.

Family Offices, Foundations & Investors

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Empowering Philanthropy and Investment for a Sustainable World

There are many profitable business solutions to address climate change but traditional, for profit investments are not always enough to innovate and scale. Foundations, family offices, and other philanthropic entities are critical to building capacity amongst nonprofits and social entrepreneurs, and to help fund needed research. Based on your foundation’s priorities and impact areas, we will work together so you can identify, fund, and collaborate with leading nonprofits to ensure impact per dollar.

Our work together may mean establishing a theory of change to ground philanthropic giving over a specific time period, reviewing and revamping grant portfolios, and educating trustees on a  food/agriculture topic to inform the giving strategy.

  • Philanthropic Advising & Nonprofit Fundraising: We’ll help you identify, fund, and partner with leading nonprofits for maximum impact.
  • Establishing a Theory of Change: Develop a solid framework for your philanthropic giving.
  • Auditing the Impact of Grant Portfolios: Assess the effectiveness of your grants and investments.
  • Educating Trustees on Food Topics: Equip your team with the knowledge needed for informed giving.
  • Climate Messaging Mastery Course: Connect with food-focused nonprofits and disperse climate-focused philanthropic dollars. 

Foodservice, Restaurants & Grocer Retailers

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Elevate Sustainability in Your Business 

Foodservice, grocery, and retail industries play a crucial role in the food supply chain. Littlefoot Ventures is your ally in advancing sustainable practices.

  • Food Waste Reduction Strategies: Minimize waste and maximize profits.
  • Sustainability Assessments and Goal-Setting: Set clear sustainability objectives and create a positive impact.
  • Circular Economy Solutions: Innovate your business processes and reduce environmental impact.
  • Supply Chain Optimization: Streamline your supply chain to enhance sustainability and profitability.
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Partnerships: Collaborate with key players for sustainable success.
  • Thought Leadership and Research: Stay informed and stay ahead with our thought leadership.
  • Coalition Building & Stakeholder Engagement: Unite with industry peers to drive impactful change.

Individuals & Career Professionals

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Thought Partnership for a Purposeful Career in Food Systems

Whether it’s trying to figure out your first job out of college/graduate school, a full blown career change, a post-covid existential crisis, job loss, or maybe you even just want to think of new ways to meaningfully engage in your current role, this opportunity is for you. We offer a dedicated 3-month sprint engagement working directly with internationally-recognized food systems expert Eva Goulbourne to brainstorm and strategize on your next career move within the food, climate and/or philanthropy space.

This service is ideal for anyone looking for thought partnership in making a career move big or small. For more information and to get started, go to the Professional Development page or contact us to learn more.

International Organizations & Nonprofits

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Driving Change for a Sustainable Future

At the heart of international organizations and nonprofits pioneering positive shifts, we bring expertise and collaboration to amplify your impact. Foster effective collaboration with key stakeholders through our tailored Stakeholder Engagement and Partnerships initiatives. Stay ahead with Thought Leadership and Research that keeps you informed and empowers you to influence positive change. Create a shared agenda for a sustainable future with our Coalition Building & Stakeholder Engagement services. And for those seeking funding, let us guide you through Philanthropic Advising & Nonprofit Fundraising, identifying, funding, and partnering with leading nonprofits for maximum impact.

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Partnerships: Collaborate effectively with key stakeholders.
  • Thought Leadership and Research: Stay informed and influence positive change.
  • Coalition Building & Stakeholder Engagement: Build coalitions and unite forces for a sustainable future.
  • Philanthropic Advising & Nonprofit Fundraising: We’ll help you identify, fund, and partner with leading nonprofits for maximum impact.
  • Climate Messaging Mastery Course: Learn how to craft compelling impact narratives to attract climate dollars.