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Fresh and organic vegetables at farmers market


Founded by ReFED and World Economic Forum alum, Eva Goulbourne, Littlefoot Ventures  is a food waste and sustainability consultancy dedicated to empowering businesses, nonprofits, investors and foundations to fortify our food system.  We exist simply to amplify and accelerate strategies for these stakeholders who are looking to make meaningful change in our food system as a means to mitigate the climate crisis. We do this through corporate philanthropy advising and nonprofit fundraising support, strategic communications development, marketing and impact narrative strategy.

We work with every stakeholder interested in food systems transformation. So this includes: Philanthropists, foundations, investors, nonprofits, brands, retailers, foodservice operators, trade associations, and everyone in between.

We serve clients in the U.S. and globally.

We work in a variety of different ways and create an engagement that makes the most sense based on your needs. We primarily do project-based work on larger timelines (6-18 months), shorter contracts and sprint investigations (4- 12 weeks, and monthly retainer contracts. Contact us  to set up an initial meeting to see what we can accomplish together.

Yes. We often work with competitors or sometimes work with companies that are in the early stages of proprietary IP where information needs to be handled sensitively.

Eva is always honored to get this request and is willing to speak at conferences where she  can add unique value! She has a breadth of experience moderating panels and facilitating workshops on food systems topics and she places a large emphasis on both content and connection.  Please refer to the Workshop Facilitation & Speaking Engagements page for more details, or get in touch directly to put in your request. Kindly note that she books 4-6 months in advance and likes to have at least 6 weeks to develop content and brief other speakers.

Eva started Littlefoot Ventures when she was pregnant with her first child. “Littlefoot” is in homage to the little feet that she was growing that served as her motivation to start a consultancy designed to leave a positive legacy for her children and yours. And yes, since she’s a ‘90s baby, there’s a little nod to the cult classic, “The Land Before Time,” when Littlefoot had to finish the quest to the Great Valley without his mama. Did anyone else get childhood trauma from that movie, or just Eva? Ok, cool.

Yes! Eva also serves as Board President for the Upcycled Food Foundation. In this position, she uses her expertise to spearhead initiatives to promote sustainable food practices by championing the transformation of food waste into innovative and nutritious products. With the Board’s leadership, we foster collaborations, drive awareness, and advance the mission of reducing food waste and creating a more sustainable food system.

Eva is also a full member of the National Network of Grantmakers Association. This designation of membership is reserved for philanthropic advisors with a proven track record of providing exceptional support and a demonstrated depth of knowledge in the realm of philanthropic giving.

Eva is also currently working to secure her CAPⓇ certification (Chartered Advisor of Philanthropy) through the American College of Financial Services. The CAPⓇ certification is one of the most widely respected designations for philanthropy specialists in the U.S. allowing deeper technical support to both philanthropic entities and nonprofits.

“Ventures” is included in the company name to allow for a flexible engagement with a variety of different stakeholders that goes beyond just consulting. While Littlefoot does not make direct investments today, it is our intention to do more work to drive investments (both philanthropic and corporate) into the space. If you’d like to learn more, as an investor looking to invest or a company/organization looking for an investment, please get in touch.

Please! We love guest bloggers and we are always looking for new perspectives and experts to enhance the quality of the Littlefoot blog. We typically ask for blog posts to be between 500 and 1000 words, providing a non promotional tone and perspective to a given food systems challenge or solution. Our team is happy to work with you on tailoring a concept if you would like to write something. If so, please fill out the contact form.

While we are not currently hiring, nothing is impossible and we always want to find ways to connect with people trying to work in this space. Please feel free to fill out the contact form. Additionally, Eva’s mentorship package is a great tool for job seekers within this space. You will get 1:1 advising with her in professional development, connecting you to businesses and organizations in this space while creating a thoughtful plan of execution for your job search. Learn more about it here.

Inevitably no human has all the questions to all the answers in the important work that we do, but Eva has curated an incredibly powerful network of additional practitioners, consultants, and other service providers through her long history in this work. Please feel free to reach out if there’s anything that you need and or please take a look at the Littlefoot Network Page for more information.

Littlefoot Ventures is not officially affiliated with ReFED, however, we are very proud that our founder, Eva, was on the founding team and was employee #1 of the organization. We use the ReFED Insights Engine and their other amazing resources frequently, and you should too!

So much, yes. We always welcome the opportunity to discuss partnerships and collaborations. Feel free to take a look at our Network page or get in touch so we can dream and scheme together.

Career & Mentorship Services

The most accessible way for our audience to learn more about this space would be to subscribe to our newsletter and follow Eva Goulbourne and Littlefoot Ventures on Linkedin. These are the outlets we use to share the things happening in the wild world of food systems. For more intentional and specific integration into this space, you can learn more about Eva’s dedicated mentorship program.

Absolutely. I provide a dedicated three month package to help you in this journey. You can learn more about this program on our Mentorship Page.

Absolutely. Eva always offers a free 30 minute consultation to go over the program and more importantly, discuss your goals and how this engagement can support you. Fill out the contact form to set up a time.

We’re excited for you! Please fill out this short intake form. From there, we will schedule a complementary 30 minute session between you and Eva to review your goals and expectations and set up your first session.

The three month mentorship program is $999 USD and can be paid in full or in three installments across our time together. We accept Zelle, Venmo, direct deposit and credit cards. Note that credit cards incur a 4% processing fee.