Fresh and organic vegetables at farmers market
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Fresh and organic vegetables at farmers market
Event flyer for a webinar on foodservice sales strategy by Ray Goulbourne, presented by Littlefoot Ventures

June 2023 Newsletter

Dear Colleagues,

Happy almost summer! By the time you read this, Ray and I will be on our first international trip without the kids. Wow. We’re only gone for a long weekend but I’m giddy just thinking about the 10 hour flight without wifi!

Speaking of Ray, I am thrilled to share that he will be joining Littlefoot Ventures as Principal for Foodservice Sales, taking on clients starting at the end of June.

Ray is a foodservice expert with over 20 years of combined experience in luxury hospitality and high growth CPG. He’s worked for brands including Banza, Simulate, Mason Dixie, Sir Kensington’s, Unilever, St. Regis Hotels, Relais & Chateaux properties amongst others.

To realize the food system transformation we seek, brands of purpose large and small must be successful in both their retail and foodservice sales strategies. Adding services that tie directly to revenue generation for our CPG clients is part of a larger strategic expansion of Littlefoot services.

In the meantime, if you are a brand looking to build, staff, and/or expand your foodservice sales strategy, email Ray to set up an introductory call. We will also be hosting a free informational webinar on Wednesday, June 28, where Ray will share some of his insights and recommendations on how emerging brands should approach the critically profitable foodservice channels. Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot now. This webinar will be the first of a three-part “Summer Series” around a variety of food, investment, and climate philanthropy topics.

In other news,

Join us in celebrating National Upcycling Day on June 24th! I am particularly excited as I have the privilege to serve as board president of the Upcycled Food Foundation. Help us spread the word and learn more through UFA’s Upcycling Day toolkit. Maybe even celebrate by grabbing Salt & Straw’s new line of upcycled ice cream made from surplus ingredients!

I will be hosting a food systems workshop at GreenBiz’s #VERGE23: The Climate Tech Event in October! Learn more and register:

As always, I am keen to hear what’s inspiring you right now. Can’t wait to hear from you.


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What I’m Reading

A Sad Day—Google’s ‘Food for Good’ Program Did Not Survive the DownsizeLinkedin
Google’s Food for Good program has been discontinued due to downsizing, a disappointing loss of a valuable initiative that addressed hunger and food waste. Author David Aaker highlights the positive impact the program had on communities and emphasizes the need for companies to prioritize social and environmental initiatives even during times of organizational changes.

Nestle’s CPW establishes roadmap to reduce emissionsFood Business News
Nestlé’s cereal partnership, CPW, has developed a roadmap to reduce emissions, targeting a 50% reduction by 2030 and achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. The plan includes measures such as renewable energy adoption, sustainable packaging, and working with farmers to promote regenerative agriculture practices.

From beer to bars: How AB InBev’s EverGrain finds new uses for spent barleyFoodDive
AB InBev’s EverGrain is repurposing spent barley, a byproduct of the brewing process, into a range of products such as protein bars and snacks. By finding innovative uses for this waste material, EverGrain is not only reducing environmental impact but also creating new revenue streams.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) – Complete Beginner’s Guide – EcoChain
This guide by Ecochain explains the concept of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and its importance in evaluating the environmental impact of a product or process throughout its entire life cycle. It offers practical insights and steps for conducting an LCA, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and reduce their environmental footprint.

71% of CMOs lack the budget needed to execute marketing strategy in 2023MarketingDive
According to a report by Gartner, many Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are facing budget constraints, hindering their ability to effectively implement marketing strategies in 2023. This limitation poses challenges for CMOs as they strive to achieve their goals and objectives in a rapidly changing marketing landscape.

Food Science and Technology Solutions to Improve Food and Nutrition Security: Reducing Food Loss & Valorizing Food Processing Side StreamsIFT
The Institute of Food Technologists recently published their white paper on how food science and technology is critical when it comes to creating solutions, especially in policy, for food loss and food processing side streams. IFT offers several recommendations to policymakers and food systems professionals with emphasis on public and private sector collaboration, responsibly allocating resources, and taking legislative action.

Inflation-adjusted grocery store sales down in 2022, USDA saysThe Packer
According to the USDA, inflation-adjusted grocery store sales in 2022 experienced a decline, indicating a decrease in consumer spending power. This report highlights the challenges faced by the grocery industry amidst rising inflation and its impact on consumer behavior.

Sprouts report highlights efforts in sourcing, food waste, carbon and plasticsThe Packer
Grocery retailer Sprouts published a report highlighting their efforts to address sustainability issues such as food waste, carbon emissions, and plastics. The report showcases Sprouts’ initiatives in sourcing surplus food, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and implementing plastic waste reduction strategies, demonstrating their commitment to environmentally conscious practices.

Canada’s national food policy is at risk of enshrining a two-tiered food systemThe Conversation
Canada’s National Food Policy is raising some concerns, suggesting that it may inadvertently contribute to a two-tiered food system. The author argues that without addressing systemic issues and inequalities, the policy could perpetuate disparities in access to healthy food, further marginalizing vulnerable populations.

NY state to chip in $130M for Hunts Point Produce Market redevelopmentThe Packer
In New York State, a $130 million redevelopment plan has been proposed for the Hunts Point Produce Market, aiming to modernize the facility and enhance its efficiency. The project seeks to support the local economy, improve infrastructure, and ensure the market’s long-term viability as a vital hub for fresh produce distribution in the region.

M&S removes use by dates on ‘too good to waste’ RSPCA Assured fresh milkMarks and Spencer
Marks & Spencer has announced that it will remove “use-by” dates from its Too Good to Waste fresh milk, instead relying on the “best before” date, in an effort to reduce food waste. The move comes after collaboration with RSPCA Assured and aims to educate consumers about the freshness and safety of the milk, promoting sustainable consumption practices.

What retail produce buyers, brokers, shippers can do to reduce food wasteThe Packer
This article provides specific recommendations for retail produce buyers, brokers, and shippers to tackle food waste. It suggests strategies such as implementing accurate forecasting and inventory management systems, improving communication channels with suppliers and customers, utilizing technology for better tracking and traceability, and supporting initiatives that focus on waste reduction throughout the produce industry supply chain.


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