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Fresh and organic vegetables at farmers market
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September 2023 Newsletter

Dear Colleagues,

I took a break from the newsletter in August and we lugged the whole Goulbourne clan up to the Pacific Northwest, spending most days beachcombing and bear watching. When we returned, somehow I had a kindergartener on my hands and it turned into September!

My excitement this month is slightly tempered since I have a lot of updates that aren’t ready to share but nonetheless, here are a few things occupying my attention in the food systems space and the Littlefoot world this month:

It’s Climate Week in NYC and my instagram feed is filled with you fabulous people, speaking on panels, to the press, promoting your world-changing products and keeping us on target to meet the SDGs! I’m eager to hear your takeaways from the weeks’ events, especially the outcomes of the Climate Philanthropy and Food Waste Sessions at the Nest Climate Campus.

I got to sit down with Mark Sadovnick of 5th Element Group for an episode for the Leaders Who Care®. This was a really special opportunity for me to share more behind-the-scenes stories of how I started my career in food systems and the many influences that have shaped my perspectives over the last 15+ years.

I will be hosting a workshop at GreenBiz VERGE in San Jose October 25 with GreenBiz Founder Joel Makower, and colleagues Gesina Beckert from Food for Climate League and Sonalie Figueiras from Green Queen. Our workshop specifically focuses on how to communicate meaningfully about sustainability initiatives within a company, to the consumer, and to the media–without the greenwashing. For more information and to register for VERGE, click here.

As always, I am interested to know what’s going on in your world and how I can support you.

Yours in partnership,


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What I’m Reading

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Mars unveils net-zero roadmap backed with $1bn three-year spending planEdie
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The Case for Bringing Systemic Investing to the Challenge of Funding Agricultural TransitionsMedium
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Biden-Harris Administration Invests More than $100 Million in Recycling Infrastructure Projects Through Investing in America AgendaEPA
The Biden-Harris administration is directing over $100 million toward recycling infrastructure projects as part of their commitment to bolstering recycling efforts and advancing sustainable waste management practices in the United States, as announced by the EPA.

Biden is unveiling the American Climate Corps, a program with echoes of the New DealNPR
President Biden has launched a Climate Corps job training program to prepare young Americans for green careers and address climate change through practical experience.

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