Fresh and organic vegetables at farmers market
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Fresh and organic vegetables at farmers market

December 2023 Newsletter

Dear Colleagues,

This is the final newsletter of 2023 and it marks the 6th birthday of Littlefoot Ventures!

It felt like just yesterday, we (Jesse Fink, Sarah Vared, Adam Rein, myself, and others) had just successfully established ReFED. It became one of the leading global voices in the wasted food space, a center of multistakeholder engagement, and a hub of valuable insights and data. With ReFED in stable place, it was time for me to start a new adventure.

Adventure found me, because immediately after, I found out I was pregnant with Sebastian! In that instant of becoming a mother, I felt an overwhelming urgency to ensure I had a plan to leave behind a better and safer food system for my baby. So in creating “little feet” of my own, Littlefoot Ventures was born with the simple mission to: amplify and accelerate strategies that combat the climate crisis through food system transformation.

Since that haphazard journey into entrepreneurship a half decade ago, I’ve had the privilege of designing food waste and plant-forward projects and marketing campaigns for some of the largest brands and foodservice operations in the world. I’ve gotten to work for incredible nonprofits to help them secure hundreds of thousands in funding to create more impact for their incredible food and agriculture initiatives. I’ve gotten to speak on stages with colleagues I’ve always admired from afar, and I took on my first Board President role with the Upcycled Food Foundation.

Here’s a snapshot of what we accomplished in 2023:

After adding in two kids, a rescue pup, and a very fluffy cat, plus 16 years of love and partnership with Ray, Littlefoot is thriving more than I could ever imagine. 

Now I have an amazing new website and a proper team (woo!) so we can create even more value for you and our food system.

Here’s what you can expect from Littlefoot Ventures in 2024:

  • A sharpened focus on driving climate philanthropic capital into food waste and food systems solutions.
  • Actionable and insights-driven consumer messaging to continue to prove the business case for plant- and climate-forward food offerings.
  • Expanded mentorship opportunities to support those looking to find their professional purpose in meaningful food systems work.
  • Messaging mastery workshops for nonprofit fundraising and more.

How can I support you in 2024? Get in touch with any questions or ideas you have, the wilder the better. Enjoy the holiday season and I look forward to sharing more in the new year. 

Yours in partnership,

What I’m Reading

Photo credit: US Department of Interior & GreenQueen Media

COP28 Highlights Blog – Littlefoot Ventures
With all of the COP28 frenzy, and food systems and food waste being (finally) at the forefront of so many conversations, we have put together a COP28 highlight reel to help you (and us) sort through all the latest food systems transformation headlines coming from the convening in Dubai.

The Fifth National Climate Assessment – United States
The National Climate Assessment 2023 provides a comprehensive overview of the current state and future projections of climate change impacts in the United States, offering critical insights into the environmental challenges that will shape policy and decision-making.

FOOD SYSTEMS ACCOUNT FOR AT LEAST 15% OF ALL FOSSIL FUELS – Global Alliance for the Future of Food
“Power Shift” explores the transformative potential of regenerative agriculture in addressing climate change, showcasing inspiring stories of individuals and communities driving positive change in the food system, highlighting the power dynamics inherent in sustainable agriculture.

Bezos Earth Fund Commits $57M for Future Food Transformation as Part of $1B Climate Fund – GreenQueen
Jeff Bezos’ Earth Fund allocates substantial resources to address climate change through investments in food and agriculture, signaling a significant shift in philanthropic efforts toward sustainability and underscoring the importance of private sector involvement in mitigating environmental challenges.

Over 100 organizations call on Congress to pass farm bill to meet food challenges – The Packer
Over 100 organizations unite in a call to Congress to pass the Farm Bill, emphasizing the urgent need for comprehensive legislation to address current and future food challenges, showcasing the collective effort required to shape sustainable agricultural policies and practices.

COP28 Agriculture, Food and Climate National Action Toolkit – FAO
The COP28 Food Systems and Agriculture Agenda urges swift action, calling on governments to integrate climate-responsive measures into national strategies, including NDCs and NAPs. The resulting “COP 28 Agriculture, Food and Climate Action Toolkit,” crafted by a task force with key partners like WWF and FAO, serves as a crucial resource for policymakers, offering insights into priority actions and successful integration of climate-focused policies in national plans.

U.S. Food Waste Pact Engages Businesses Across The Country To Target, Measure, And Act To Reduce Food Waste – ReFED
ReFED and WWF recently launched the U.S. Food Waste Pact to rally businesses across the nation to combat food waste by targeting waste reduction strategies, measuring data and processes, and acting on solutions to see a 50% reduction in food waste and loss.

ReFED’s newest publication, “Reducing Food Loss & Waste: A Roadmap for Philanthropy,” launched at COP28, outlines $300 million in readily available philanthropic investments set to catalyze the transformation of underperforming food systems with proven solutions for governments, philanthropy, and the private sector to significantly reduce food loss and waste while enhancing food security, nutrition, incomes, and environmental outcomes.